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Signatures for Support Officer Wicklund

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1 ShanayColtrane  
2 KatieMcAndrews  
3 DebbiePileggi  
4 bettybangor  
5 AmandaBeguhn  
6 HeatherWehrly  
7 OnaleeFox  
8 BerthaChild  
9 Billi JoBaneck Derek is a great officer and I am proud to work with him!
10 RachelJ Full support to Derek and the GBPD...Job well done sir!
11 AlexaEbel Officer Wicklund is great at what he does and I'm proud to work with him daily!
12 TracyBrosig Thank you officers on the front line protecting us.
13 AmberJelovnik  
14 sarastevens  
15 MelissaSprague If someone is being arrested, don't stand around in a threatening manner screaming obscenities at the cops. Being out numbered and the crowd growing ever more agitated...he did the right thing.
16 MandeeMagno  
17 AshleyRedmond  
18 TimNowak  
19 DrewLaux  
20 NatalieMarkelz  
21 tammyreese I support the police departments.
22 HeatherDelveaux  
23 KristinK